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Excessive Plus is the fastest, most explosive 3D Action/Shooter (FPS) Mod in the world.  It works with Quake III, IoQuake3, OpenArena and Xreal (the 2009 version).

This site is managed by WaspKiller and WaspBeast (the former lead developer of Excessive Plus 1.04 to 2.1).  The Official Site for the Quake III version of Excessive Plus remains at and contains a wealth of information that is 95% applicable to OpenArena E+ players.

Each link below will open a specific page to help you get started and improve your knowledge and performance playing Excessive Plus on OpenArena.

For the Curious Visitor:

1. Do you have some cool videos that I can check-out?

2. What is OpenArena?

3. What is Excessive Plus?

Beginner Topics:

1. Why does Excessive Plus show my name as ExcessivePlayer? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

2. What do I need to get started? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

3. How do I add color to my name? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

4. How do I record and play demos? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

5. What GameTypes does E+ support? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

6. What are Server Game Style configs? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

7. Can you show me examples of various client configs? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

Intermediate Topics:

1. Client Options including adding Radio and Voice Chats (updated for E+ 2.0a)

2. How do I add a game banner to my web site? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

Advanced Topics:

1. Server Commands and Variables (updated for E+ 2.0a)

2. How to setup a dedicated OpenArena E+ Server in 10 minutes? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

3. Can you show me examples of various server configs? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

4. How to create a Server Game Style config? (updated for E+ 2.0a)

5. Tweaks – Explanations & Considerations (external link)

6. Connection Related Variables (external link)

7. Framerate Physics Calculator (external link)


1. Optional Crosshair Pack for Challenge Pro Mode Arena (CPMA) and games that use CPMA type crosshairs like Excessive Plus.  Put this in your excessiveplus directory (folder).  Please note that this pack was renamed from z-xp-oa-2_0z.pk3 to z-xp-oa-9_xhairs.pk3.

2. Optional Crosshair Pack for Regular Quake III, Regular OpenArena, ioq3, and Warsow.  Put this in your baseq3, baseoa, or baseio directory (folder).  This pack will NOT work in Excessive Plus.

3. z-gpl-q3a2oa-textures-v5.pk3 – Quake III Texture Replacement Pack for ioquake3 (ioq3), OpenArena and other compatible ioq3 games like Warsow.  If you auto-downloaded E+ from a WASP Server or downloaded the full Mod, you do not need to download this file.

4. xcsv_bq3hi-res.pk3 – A High Resolution Texture Pack for Quake III Arena/Team Arena, ioquake3, OpenArena, and other games/mods that can use Q3 maps.  Note, this file is useless at any OpenArena Server that the WASP Clan operates.  We would prefer to use this high resolution pack but since OA cannot display substitutes for most Quake III Arena and Quake III Team Arena maps we are compelled to include z-gpl-q3a2oa-textures-v5.pk3 as it is small and displays virtually all textures for the 100+ custom maps that we use on our servers.  Also, since z-gpl-q3a2oa-textures-v5.pk3 loads from the E+ folder (directory), it loads later than xcsv_bq3hi-res.pk3 and therefore over-rides it.

xcsv_bq3hi-res.pk3 must be copied to the baseXX folder of your game (baseq3, baseio, baseoa, etc.)  The textures are not 100% faithful to the original textures but their quality compensates for any deviation.  You will be able to play on servers that have PURE enabled but the pack will be ignored and the maps will display as originally designed.  If most of the servers that you play on are PURE, you can “politely” ask the Admin(s) to add the pack to his server(s).  If he agrees, players with the pack will then see the enhanced textures and players without the pack will see the original textures.

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