Capture The Citadels FragFest

Thanks to all the Clans (AFO, CreW, dL, Evil, GaNja, IO, oaN, OA Revolution, pi, SoS, supeR, WASP, and any others that I missed) and Clan-less players who made the Capture The Citadels FragFest (our 3rd OpenArena FragFest) a huge success!

On behalf of WASP, I would like to thank each player for supporting our efforts to promote Excessive Plus. I am sure you could have spent your time elsewhere and so we greatly appreciated your presence.

Below are two screen shots and a link to most of the screen shots for those who were not present.

Mapel4b and the E+ PlusD Game Style

Bunker_CTF1 and the OA baseoa Game Style

Capture The Citadels Fragfest Gallery

Killer's email

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