How to setup a dedicated OpenArena E+ Server in 10 minutes?

ALL INSTANT SERVERS HAVE BEEN DELETED.  If I get around to it, new ones based on Excessive Plus 2.2b will be made available.  You can also request one via e-mail (See bottom of home page).  In the meantime, download the E+ Mod and the Read Me File will explain how to setup a basic server.

The following links will allow a new Server Admin to setup an E+ OpenArena Server with minimum fuss in about 10 minutes.

This section assumes that you have already downloaded and extracted OpenArena.

Download the Server Game Type of your choice:

Tournament (1v1) Server

Capture The Flag Server

Free For All (Death Match) Server

Protect The Leader Server

Freeze Tag Server

Team Death Match Server

Read the OpenArena E+ Server Step by Step Setup Guide that is included with each Instant Server download.

Good Luck and the entire OpenArena WASP Clan looks forward to playing on your server.

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