Upcoming Event – Murder and Mayhem

Memorial Day Murder and Mayhem

To celebrate the USA Memorial Day Weekend, I would like to announce a FragFest of exceptional speed and pain. This 2 hour event is open to anyone who wants a little OpenArena fun. The 5 game types will be team based, so players of all skill level are welcome.

WHEN: Sunday, 30 May 2010.

TIME: 3:00 PM (15:00) — New York, USA.

Eastern European Time: 10:00 PM (22:00)

Central European Time: 9:00 PM (21:00)

Western European Time: 8:00 PM (20:00)

Atlantic Standard Time: 4:00 PM (16:00)

Eastern Standard Time: 3:00 PM (15:00)

Central Standard Time: 2:00 PM (14:00)

Mountain Standard Time: 1:00 PM (13:00)

Pacific Standard Time: 12:00 PM (12:00)

Time Conversion Link: http://www.worldtimezone.com

WHERE: E+ Murder and Mayhem ( This New York, USA, based server will be created specifically for the event. Players from Germany can expect a ping between 95ms and 125ms.

PLAYER SLOTS: 64 Total (32 Game Clients + 32 Spectators)

REQUIREMENTS: The Excessive Plus Mod and 9 custom maps or simply the 9 custom maps or Auto Downloads enabled. Please note that Excessive Plus can be played server-side only, that is, you do not need to download the software. However, players with the Mod will have additional capabilities and therefore have an advantage.

Helpful Video Information: (MP4) (XviD)

Excessive Plus Practice Servers that do not require the Mod or Auto Downloads to be enabled:
Total Rail Madness CTF and New York Freeze Tag.

Excessive Plus Practice Servers that require the Mod or Auto Downloads to be enabled:
E+ CTF, E+ TAG, and E+ PTL.

Capture the Flag (CTF):
Like Team Death Match but with the added dimension of having to achieve an objective. Capture the Enemy’s Flag and take it back to your base to score a capture. Earn points for Flag Captures, Assisting in a Flag Capture, Defending your Flag, Returning your Flag, etc.

Return the Flag (RTF):
RTF is more difficult than regular Capture the Flag but it is also a better team game. The difference is that if your team flag is moved you cannot return it to your base by merely touching it. You have to take it back, so watch out! Also, since merely touching your team flag is not enough to return it to your base, be very careful not to inadvertently take it to the enemy base as you attempt to capture their flag.

One Flag Capture the Flag (1FCTF):
In 1FCTF, you have to pick up the Neutral Flag (White Flag) in the middle of the map and try to get to the enemy’s base to score a capture. Don’t forget that it’s the enemy’s base and therefore well protected! You may stand a better chance of winning if most of your team goes on offense. CTF based game types are the only game types in Excessive Plus where you can be the worst shooter but still win matches because in Excessive Plus CTF speed usually beats accuracy.

Freeze Tag (FTAG):
A team based game where players get frozen instead of fragged. Team-mates can thaw their frozen mates by standing next to them for about 3 seconds or by shooting them with the Machine Gun, Lightning Gun or Plasma Gun for about 3 seconds. Additionally, and very useful in Clan Wars and FragFests where camping enemy bodies is common, you can shoot your frozen teammate into a teleporter or lava or slime pool for an instant or near instant thaw. Teams score 1 point when one team freezes all the members of the other team. Players earn individual points by freezing an enemy (1 point) and for thawing a teammate (2 points).

Protect the Leader (PTL):
In PTL, the object is to prevent your leader from getting killed while trying to kill the other team’s leader. Initially, the server selects one member from each team to be the team leader and to carry that team’s flag. Teams score only when they kill the other team’s leader. The player who kills the enemy leader automatically becomes the leader of his team. Leaders get double the usual heath but are restricted to 2 weapons only – the gauntlet and the rail gun.

FragFest Map Rotation: Nine (9) custom maps will be played and each map will be played twice. The 1st time a map is played all weapons will be enabled. The 2nd time the map is played only the following weapons will be enabled: Gauntlet, Off-hand Grapple (Hook), Machine Gun, Shotgun and Rail Gun.

Each map will have a time limit of 6 minutes followed by a 1 minute rest/warmup period. Total FragFest time is 125 minutes (2 hours and 5 minutes).

Off-hand grapple (hook):
Unlike the normal grapple that requires you to switch to it like a regular weapon, an off-hand grapple allows you the benefits of the grapple while permitting you to use your other weapons. Also, while the default key for the normal grapple (hook) is number 0, there is no default key for the off-hand grapple so you have to bind it.

Usage: /bind “your-key” +button5

Example: /bind mouse2 +button5

For this event, spectators will be muted (unable to chat with active players).

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