What GameTypes does E+ support?

Excessive Plus supports ten (10) different game types and two (2) mutators.

Free for All (FFA) (g_gametype 0):  The usual every man for himself Death Match.

Tournament (1v1) (g_gametype 1):  This allows for “1 vs 1” tournament style matches.  The loser is automatically forced to spectate and the next waiting player is selected to fight the winner of the last map.  This cycles continuously with all spectators getting an equal opportunity to play.

Single Player (SP) (g_gametype 2):  Meant for single player campaigns on special maps against bots or on puzzle type maps like “The Edge of Forever” and “PopTart.”  This gametype is also useful when you are the only human on the server and making videos or taking screen shots as it removes the stupid “Waiting for Players” message that stays printed on the screen.

Team Death Match (TDM) (g_gametype 3):  Teamwork, combat tactics, marksmanship, and map strategies will ensure that one team emerges victorious.

Capture the Flag (CTF) (g_gametype 4):  Like TDM but with the added dimension of having to achieve an objective.  Capture the Enemy’s Flag and take it back to your base to score a point.  Earn points for Flag Captures, Assisting in a Flag Capture, Defending your Flag, Returning your Flag, etc.

Return the Flag (RTF) (g_gametype 5):  RTF is more difficult than regular Capture the Flag but it is also a better team game.  The difference is that if your team flag is moved you cannot return it to your base by merely touching it.  You have to take it back, so watch out!

Also, since merely touching your team flag is not enough to return it to your base, be very careful not to inadvertently take it to the enemy base as you attempt to capture their flag.

One Flag Capture the Flag (1FCTF) (g_gametype 6):  In 1FCTF, you have to pickup the Neutral Flag (White Flag) in the middle of the map and try to get to the enemy’s base to score a point.

Don’t forget that it’s the enemy’s base and therefore well protected! You may stand a better chance of winning if most of your team goes on offense.

Clan Arena (CA) (g_gametype 7):  Clan Arena is similar to “Last Man Standing,” or “Survivor,” or “Elimination.”  The difference is that Clan Arena is always a team based game.  Teams score a point when all members of the other team are fragged.  When fragged during the match, you have to wait until either team scores a point before you can respawn. 

Freeze Tag (TAG) (g_gametype 8):  Probably the most popular E+ game type.  Strong teamwork, combat tactics, and map strategies are necessary to ensure that your team wins.

Team based game type where players get frozen instead of fragged.  Team-mates can thaw their frozen mates by standing next to them for a few seconds (3.5 seconds at the WASP Servers) or by shooting them until a certain amount of damage (between 800 and 900 points at the WASP Servers) is achieved.  Additionally, and very useful in Clan Wars or FragFests where camping enemy bodies is common, you can shoot your teammate into a Lava or Slime Pool for an instant thaw.

Protect the Leader (PTL) (g_gametype 9):  In PTL, the object is to prevent your leader from getting killed while trying to kill the other team’s leader.

Initially, the server selects one member from each team to be the team leader and to carry that team’s flag.  Teams score only when they kill the other team’s leader.  The player who kills the enemy leader automatically becomes the leader of his team.

Crazy CTF:  Crazy CTF is not a game type.  It is a mutator.  It modifies CTF, RTF, and 1FCTF matches so that a flag may be picked up simultaneously by several members on the same team.  This increases the scoring rate and makes the game more frenetic.

Impact Score Match:  Impact Score Match is not a game type.  It is a mutator.  It modifies any game type but is primarily designed for FFA and TDM.  In these game types scores are typically based on frags (kills) but when Impact Score is enabled, additional points are earned for inflicting a certain amount of damage.  The damage threshold depends on the game style config (behavioral changes to the game physics and weapon characteristics) in use.

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