Why does Excessive Plus show my name as ExcessivePlayer?

Lots of players connect to Excessive Plus (E+) Servers but fail to create a user name. Consequently, these users are all given the name of “ExcessivePlayer”. As can be seen HERE.

The reason for this is that E+ 1.04 and above have their own cvar (client variable) for the player name and do not use the default player name in OpenArena. To quickly change your name, open the console and type /xp_name Your-Name. This will not change the name that you use in Regular Openarena.

To get the full version of Excessive Plus for OpenArena download Excessive Plus 2.2b and extract the contents to OpenArena.

Then, if you want to easily create fancy colored names open the “XPQname.jar” file that will be in openarena/excessiveplus/tools/. Your system will need Java Runtime version 6 or higher but most Windows, Linux, and Mac users already have Java installed.

You can find HTML and TEXT User Guides in the same directory (folder). Here is an on-line version: XP Qname Web Tutorial and a demo for off-line viewing: XP Qname video.

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